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Posted on February 14, 2015

I am humbled that last year I made the resolution to write more often about all the cool jobs that come through Avenue Art & Co and I never did.  I could blame it on many things, the least being, I never got around to it!   But, boy oh boy, were we busy.  The commercial side of our business is continuing to be strong.  We have numerous healthcare facilities, assisted living and businesses that bring us in to coordinate and frame the art for their spaces.

Looking back,  the highlights and accomplishments were huge and we have so much to be grateful for.  Our biggest project to date was delivered to the new Fremont Tower at St. Elizabeth Hospital in December.  We provided all of the artwork and framing for this new facility!  It began a couple of years ago and was supported by the principles of Evidence Based Design.  It was an amazing journey and we are very proud of the outcome.  We will have pictures to post shortly.

Many other customers added to our success last year and Avenue Art & Co has continued to see new faces walking in the door.  We are a great stop when you need an artful lift.  We love seeing you and hope that we are continuing to offer you artwork, home items, cards, art supplies and framing that appeal to your senses.  Until next time!

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