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Monday, Monday

Posted on April 5, 2017



“Monday, Monday, so good to me / Monday mornin´, it was all I hoped it would be.” (The Mamas and Papas) This song always runs through my head at the beginning of the week. Partly because, like many, sadly the weekend is behind us and it is another week. But, also, I take a moment to be grateful for the past week. This included installing new art for Children’s Health Center, Ascension | Affinity Health System. A few months ago, they formed a committee to work with me on selecting artwork that would help to brighten up their hallways and exam rooms. We created criteria and set goals for the art and determined locations. I arrived at 6:45am last Friday and began a rewarding morning transforming their Health Center. Everyone was so positive, thankful for the change and enthusiastic. Some of the art came from a talented staff member Amy which made the art even more special.

I am always in awe when I am in a facility when it is in use. This is a busy place with providers serving a diverse population of children from babies to young adults. It was a great vibe.

On to a new week! More art installations wait for us with Prevea Health. Putting these facilities together is a reward that I can sincerely say keeps me going and renewed each week!

Oh Joy! Karen

Counter Clockwise

Posted on March 16, 2017


It was hump day yesterday.  A sunny, crisp, maybe spring is on the way “kinda” hump day.  I had the pleasure or working in the store and that is always rewarding. I love greeting people and seeing familiar customers who are also often good friends now.  A couple of side tables went home to complete a bedroom, a watercolor was rejuvenated with a new more contemporary frame, and some readymade frames were plucked out of a new batch that just hit the floor. I am so impressed at how our visitors will really contemplate and glean inspiration from the art, displays and merchandise. Most customers come in the door and circle the store counter clockwise.  Interesting observation!

Hello Again

Posted on March 13, 2017

Hello once again—it’s Karen. I know I am not good at communicating but I am going to give it a better attempt, again. As spring was teasing us a couple of weeks ago in Northeast Wisconsin, it is now hiding behind the scenes and snow has stacked upon the roof tops of the bird feeders. It is their corner café. So, at Avenue Art, we are pushing back and have hung a joyful new print entitled “27 Birds” by Jennifer Lommers that can’t help but make you smile.

There is so much information that is shouting at us daily. I do not want this to become a torrent of unnecessary blabbing but rather a sharing of my moments each week that inspire me and maybe you as well.

Last week, Joe and I were called upon to hang the art in a wonderful Northside home of a young family. Their photographs, collections, and original art completed the welcome home celebration. It is always a privilege to spend extended time within someone’s most cherished environment. At the beginning were piles and stacks, and after completion, their treasures surrounded them! The week before was a condo in Fish Creek, where I reorganized artwork collected for decades. This was a challenge to fit artwork from a 4000+ square foot home to a 2000 square foot condo. With conversation, brainstorming and planning, it all came together beautifully. And a new friendship was made. Some of the gifts I have been given are friendships and relationships that sprout from working closely with people and their art, collections and passions.

“I’m just a temporary custodian of these works.” (Michael Audain)

Spring is in the Air

Posted on April 18, 2016

Spring is in the air!  As we welcome longer days and warmer temperatures I imagine many of you are in the same boat as myself.  Where did all that time go during the cold months and why don’t I have my indoor projects finished?  Oh, good gravy.

Here at Avenue Art & Co we did manage to paint a few walls, build some displays that can be seen more easily from the street and hang the big east wall featuring original paintings by Marsha Tuchscherer, Stephen Wysocki, Sherri Thomas, Kathleen Donetelle, Lenny Nagler, Louise Cox and Jeff Zdrale.  Hopefully you have been in to see these wonderful paintings by some of our regional artists.

Sadly, buying original art is not as in vogue like it was 30 years ago.  I would encourage all of you remember that original art is worth collecting and supporting.  Only by being supportive of the arts will we all continue to be surprised, awe-struck and entertained.

I do believe that art is for everyone.  If you want to create, play, decorate, collect or spend time with artwork you will find life to be enhanced.

Last week, a new customer came in looking for a little assistance.  We had not worked together before.  The next day I met with her at her beautiful Tudor style home.   My day was made better after seeing what she has collected, why she chose particular art pieces and how we might bring it together.  These opportunities are rewarding for me, as I am allowed to see inside some else’s life.  Her life is reflected throughout her home with art from world travels, family members, and artists she loves.

Artwork not only creates stories within our living spaces, but also reflects who we are.


We love our new Gallery

Posted on December 4, 2015

We commissioned Appleton Artist EMILY REETZ to do an original image of the gallery.

Emily is a digital illustrator born & raised in Appleton who has taken her talent to turn such buildings as The trout Museum and the Appleton Public Library into whimsical artwork.  We’re so happy with her rendition of our little spot in Appleton! Thanks Emily!



Posted on February 14, 2015

I am humbled that last year I made the resolution to write more often about all the cool jobs that come through Avenue Art & Co and I never did.  I could blame it on many things, the least being, I never got around to it!   But, boy oh boy, were we busy.  The commercial side of our business is continuing to be strong.  We have numerous healthcare facilities, assisted living and businesses that bring us in to coordinate and frame the art for their spaces.

Looking back,  the highlights and accomplishments were huge and we have so much to be grateful for.  Our biggest project to date was delivered to the new Fremont Tower at St. Elizabeth Hospital in December.  We provided all of the artwork and framing for this new facility!  It began a couple of years ago and was supported by the principles of Evidence Based Design.  It was an amazing journey and we are very proud of the outcome.  We will have pictures to post shortly.

Many other customers added to our success last year and Avenue Art & Co has continued to see new faces walking in the door.  We are a great stop when you need an artful lift.  We love seeing you and hope that we are continuing to offer you artwork, home items, cards, art supplies and framing that appeal to your senses.  Until next time!

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