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Spring is in the Air

Posted on April 18, 2016

Spring is in the air!  As we welcome longer days and warmer temperatures I imagine many of you are in the same boat as myself.  Where did all that time go during the cold months and why don’t I have my indoor projects finished?  Oh, good gravy.

Here at Avenue Art & Co we did manage to paint a few walls, build some displays that can be seen more easily from the street and hang the big east wall featuring original paintings by Marsha Tuchscherer, Stephen Wysocki, Sherri Thomas, Kathleen Donetelle, Lenny Nagler, Louise Cox and Jeff Zdrale.  Hopefully you have been in to see these wonderful paintings by some of our regional artists.

Sadly, buying original art is not as in vogue like it was 30 years ago.  I would encourage all of you remember that original art is worth collecting and supporting.  Only by being supportive of the arts will we all continue to be surprised, awe-struck and entertained.

I do believe that art is for everyone.  If you want to create, play, decorate, collect or spend time with artwork you will find life to be enhanced.

Last week, a new customer came in looking for a little assistance.  We had not worked together before.  The next day I met with her at her beautiful Tudor style home.   My day was made better after seeing what she has collected, why she chose particular art pieces and how we might bring it together.  These opportunities are rewarding for me, as I am allowed to see inside some else’s life.  Her life is reflected throughout her home with art from world travels, family members, and artists she loves.

Artwork not only creates stories within our living spaces, but also reflects who we are.


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