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Hello Again

Posted on March 13, 2017

Hello once again—it’s Karen. I know I am not good at communicating but I am going to give it a better attempt, again. As spring was teasing us a couple of weeks ago in Northeast Wisconsin, it is now hiding behind the scenes and snow has stacked upon the roof tops of the bird feeders. It is their corner café. So, at Avenue Art, we are pushing back and have hung a joyful new print entitled “27 Birds” by Jennifer Lommers that can’t help but make you smile.

There is so much information that is shouting at us daily. I do not want this to become a torrent of unnecessary blabbing but rather a sharing of my moments each week that inspire me and maybe you as well.

Last week, Joe and I were called upon to hang the art in a wonderful Northside home of a young family. Their photographs, collections, and original art completed the welcome home celebration. It is always a privilege to spend extended time within someone’s most cherished environment. At the beginning were piles and stacks, and after completion, their treasures surrounded them! The week before was a condo in Fish Creek, where I reorganized artwork collected for decades. This was a challenge to fit artwork from a 4000+ square foot home to a 2000 square foot condo. With conversation, brainstorming and planning, it all came together beautifully. And a new friendship was made. Some of the gifts I have been given are friendships and relationships that sprout from working closely with people and their art, collections and passions.

“I’m just a temporary custodian of these works.” (Michael Audain)

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